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Jake Lawlor

Collaboration and communication is the key to software success.

Problem Analysis
  • Requirements, Goals Analysis
  • Business Entity, Data Analysis
Solution Architecture
  • Strong Object Oriented, N-Tier, Decoupled Architecture
  • Strong Sql Server Architecture
  • Bringing a Supportable Software Product to Market
  • Highly Collaborative Approach
Solution Implementation
  • Strong .Net / SQL Skills (Web,WebServices,WinForms)
  • Comfortable at Tech Lead or Developer role
  • Automating Repeatable Development Processes
  • Team Focused Agile Development Methodology Approach
Training and Mentoring
  • Providing Low Cost Highly Creative Solutions for Training Needs
  • Brownbag Sessions and Presentations
  • Application Help Integration

Building great software that exceeds business and technical requirements requires strong communication.

Why Me?
I specialize in intently focusing on solving business needs by promoting a highly collaborative relationship. I bring a rich background developing award winning software and a passion for working with a team to architect creative solutions.

Based in Portland Oregon, I have worked with teams throughout the Northwest and Europe applying simple but powerful software practices to achieve success and deliver a quality product. I am comfortable playing many roles on a team and enjoy the challenges provided by each role.

Rich .Net Architecture Experience

I have had the opportunity to build many creative high-availability solutions for complex business problems. My domain experience includes Knowledge Management, Electronic Discovery, Healthcare, Trucking, Telecommunications and Environmental.


Specialization and Highlights
WinForm Smart Clients
I specialize in building self-updating internet enabled Smart Client Workspace frameworks. Want to cut your development cost drastically and still maintain the benefits of an Internet application? Contact me for a free consultation! Reference:
ASP.Net Portal A rich experience with developing an international web portal applications that provide content management, personalization, security and much more.
Integrating Role-based Security Experienced with integrating security architecture into existing Web and WinForm applications.
Automating Development Processes Specialize in automating repeatable processes. Automation can shave days off a development cycle enabling time for more feature development in addition to increasing the integrity of the deployment process.
Agile Software Methodology Thorough experience in applying agile practices with development and business teams to craft flexible solutions.

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