Consultants Guild


Software Engineering...a lost art. Project Teams...a dying breed.





As we reflected on the state of our industry, we grew weary of the hired gun mentality. Sadly, the undisciplined rise and fall of software engineering budgets during the late 90's and the eventual dot-com-bomb at the dawn of the new millennium had devastating fallout. The result was an insidious cancer that surfaced in a consistent theme...customer and project success was secondary to the lowest bid. The partnership, trust and success that was the bellwether of the early 90's was replaced with shrinking budgets, distrust and a growing chasm between customers and vendors. In a new millennium, where we should be reaping the benefits of the most powerful, most reliable software and tools ever built, the industry willingly took a step back. Proven teams of consultants that had successfully delivered time and again were being replaced with collections of "seemingly" low-cost, yet unproven, contractors.

Where to go?

As we commiserated with our colleagues and met other proven software engineers who shared the same passion for customer success, the solution was clear. We should form a team and recapture the passion for working software and customer success. That team is now known as the Consultants Guild.

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